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Committed to your saftey

Committed to your saftey

Arizona has given the green light for massage therapy practices to reopen with guidelines to protect both clients and employees from COVID-19. We are committed to adapting these standards into our practice and appreciate your cooperation as we strive to provide a healthy and relaxing environment. More info click here.

 Verde Massage is situated 22 miles south of Sedona, AZ in the heart of the beautiful Verde Valley. Our mission is to provide advanced, personalized and exceptional bodywork. Whether you are looking to relieve pain, prepare your body for athletic performance, or just looking to relax, we have the experience and expertise to meet your specific needs. 

Meet Our therapists


Caleb Davison, Owner and Massage Therapist

Caleb has been a practicing massage therapist in the Verde Valley for over 12 years. He is a well rounded, versatile therapist who has worked in clinical, spa, and athletic settings. His work experience includes 4 years in a chiropractic office where he worked extensively with skeletal muscular dysfunctions, 8 years at an upscale spa as a lead therapist and Forbes trainer; designing 5 star treatments, and he has worked with professional and amateur athletes; helping them to meet the demands of an active lifestyle.

Our Massages


Classic Treatments

  • SWEDISH MASSAGE- Light to medium pressure techniques are rhythmically applied to induce relaxation, stimulate blood flow, and calm the nervous system. 
  • PRENATAL MASSAGE- Designed to safely meet the needs of expecting mothers.
  • DEEP TISSUE- A variety of techniques are used to address deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue in order to relieve tension, reduce pain, and increase range of motion throughout the entire body.
  • VERDE HOT STONES- Heated basalt stones are strategically placed and used to melt away muscle tension by stimulating blood flow to deep layers of muscle and connective tissue. 
  • SPORTS MASSAGE- Sports Massage is used to meet the specific needs of athletes and those who live an active lifestyle. Techniques are specific to the athletes training cycle and goals. 
  •  REFLEXOLOGY- Specific pressure techniques are applied to the feet and/or hands to bring about relaxation and healing throughout the body. Reflexology is based on the premise that there are points and zones on the hands and feet that are directly related to other areas, organs, and glands.  


Specialty Treatments


  • FASCIAL RELEASE- Advanced techniques are used to address specific skeletal muscular and fascial dysfunction. Slow and sustained pressure is combined with movement exercises in order to improve posture, reduce pain, and restore quality of motion.       
  • SHIATSU- Eastern and western approaches to body work are combined to address skeletal muscular issues and stimulate the 14 meridians believed to be the channels that carry energy throughout the body. Shiatsu is performed fully clothed and on a floor mat.   
  • RUSSIAN SPORTS MASSAGE- Seven specific techniques are applied to facilitate the ultimate sports massage experience. This style of bodywork is invigorating and prepares the body for intense physical demands. 
  • CRANIAL SACRAL THERAPY- Gentle techniques are used to locate and relieve restrictions within the skull, sacrum, spinal column and the underline structures. This treatment has a profound effect on the nervous system and can induce a deep state of relaxation. It is helpful for many psychological dysfunctions, headaches, neck and low back pain. 
  • LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE THERAPY- Gentle techniques are used to stimulate the flow of lymphatic fluid through the body. This can assist in removal of toxins, decrease inflammation, and support a healthy immune system. 


Focal Treatments

These treatments are for areas that need extra attention. They can be booked by themselves or added to other treatments.

  • FULL SHOULDER RELEASE- 30 Mins (Per Shoulder)
  • FULL LOWER EXTREMITY RELEASE- 45 Mins (Includes Both Sides)


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